Influenced by recent art residencies in Assisi and Greve, Italy, studying the use of gold leaf in Byzantine and Renaissance painting, and a trip to Japan to study textile design, my otherworldly environments are often inhabited by a lone figure lost in a chaotic world.
I combine 'puzzle piece' images (from sketchbooks and travel photos) to create relationships between disparate elements, always looking for connections.  I am attempting to confirm the concept from Western physics and Eastern philosophy that all phenomena is interdependent and interconnected.  Fritjof Capra's writings on chaos theory are especially fascinating to me.  He explains that, thanks to advanced computer technology, the movement of clouds, fire, falling leaves and other forms of motion in nature, previously thought to be somewhat random or 'chaotic,’ are actually measurable and have very similar mathematical patterns.    
The new series of gouache explorations usually begin with parts of an orange tree.  Ever since a trip to Rome where I healed quickly from an illness, painting under a 900-year-old orange tree still bearing fruit, I include an orange tree in almost every work.  The orange tree is for me a symbol of rejuvenation and hope.